Top Banks in Cambodia

An overview of Cambodia's leading financial institutions

Overview of Banks in Cambodia

Banks in Cambodia are supervised by the National Bank of Cambodia, which was founded in 1954 when the county gained independence from France. The central bank closed in 1975, but in 1979 it re-opened under the name People’s Bank of Kampuchea. In 1992, it became the National Bank of Cambodia.


Banks in Cambodia


In May 2020, Moody’s Investors Service gave the banks in Cambodia a B2 issuer rating with a stable outlook. The rating upgrade reflects its solid growth prospects and moderate and highly affordable debt burden. Lending’s been growing rapidly for most of the last decade, fueled by loans to the construction and real estate sectors as well as mortgages, and partly driven by foreign demand.

For anyone who is considering a banking career in Cambodia, this list of top banks in Cambodia is a helpful guide on where to start. To learn more, see our list of financial institutions.


The Top Banks in Cambodia Include:



ACLEDA Bank Plc. was founded in 1993 under the Banking and Financial Institutions Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It provides various banking solutions through its headquarters in Phnom Penh and 261 offices throughout the country. It also manages 42 branches in Laos and seven in Myanmar.

ACLEDA is the largest local commercial bank in Cambodia in terms of total assets. With over 1.7 million depositors as of the end of 2017, it is also the country’s biggest bank in terms of the number of clients.

Revenue: USD 405.96 million (2020)

Net income: USD 141.5 million (2020)

Total assets: USD 6.55 billion (2020)


Canadia Bank

Canadia Bank is one of the largest local banks in Cambodia in terms of the market share of deposits and loans. Based in Phnom Penh, the bank provides a wide range of financial services through its network of 57 branches. It was established in 1991 under the name Canadia Gold & Trust Corporation Ltd. In 1993, it changed its name to Canadia Bank Ltd., and later to Canadia Bank Plc, in 2003.

Revenue: USD 217.2 million (2019)

Net income: USD 122.6 million (2019)

Total assets: USD 6.55 billion (2019)


Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia

The Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia (FTB) is the oldest of the banks in Cambodia. With headquarters in Phnom Penh, the private commercial bank was founded in 1979, following Sub-decree No. 1213 under the former regime of the State of Cambodia. It provides a range of personal and commercial banking services, including savings, fixed deposits, loans, trade finance, money transfers, overdrafts, and currency exchange.

Revenue: USD 37.45 million (2019)

Net income: USD 25.0 million (2019)

Total assets: USD 1.49 billion (2019)


Union Commercial Bank

Union Commercial Bank (UCB) is one of the biggest commercial banks in Cambodia. Established in 1994, it operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of E.SUN Commercial Bank, which acquired 100% of the shares of UCB in 2017. Headquartered in Phnom Penh, it oversees 13 branches.

Revenue: USD 34.5 million (2019)

Net income (loss): (USD 22.0 million) (2019)

Total assets: USD 707.0 million (2019)


J Trust Royal Bank

J Trust Royal Bank Ltd. provides banking and financial services to high net-worth individuals, business customers, corporate clients, and individuals in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The company was formerly known as ANZ Royal Bank (Cambodia) Ltd and changed its name to J Trust Royal Bank Ltd. in August 2019.

Founded in 2005 and the bank is headquartered in Phnom Penh, the Kingdom of Cambodia. As of August 19, 2019, J Trust Royal Bank Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of J Trust Co., Ltd.

Revenue: USD 47.44 million (2016)

Net income: USD 21.03 million (2016)

Total assets: USD 1.04 billion (2016)


Vattanac Bank

Vattanac Bank began its operations in Cambodia in 2002. This retail and commercial bank helped develop Vattanac Capital, the first skyscraper in the country. The bank’s headquarters and offices are in Phnom Penh, in addition to branches in Siem Reap.

Revenue: USD 25.56 million (2020)

Net income: USD 10.27 million (2020)

Total assets: USD 720.7 million (2020)


Campu Bank

Cambodian Public Bank Plc, more commonly known simply as Campu Bank, was established in 1992. The bank currently operates through its 30 branches in major areas in the country. It is a subsidiary of Public Bank Group, one of the largest and strongest domestic banking groups in Malaysia. In 2017, it reported one of the highest levels of paid-up capital among commercial banks in Cambodia – at USD 90 million.

Revenue: USD 83.8 million (2019)

Net income: USD 65.70 million (2019)

Total assets: USD 2.68 billion (2019)


Maybank Cambodia

Maybank started operating in Cambodia in 1993, providing a wide range of banking products and services to Malaysian- and Singaporean-owned corporations that invest in infrastructure development and service sectors in the country. The bank opened its first branch in Phnom Penh. Following a network expansion plan, it now manages 21 branches. It has also expanded its customer base by offering banking services to local businesses.

Revenue: USD 51.44 million (2019)

Net income: USD 26.8 million (2019)

Total assets: USD 1.37 billion (2019)


Bank of China Phnom Penh

Bank of China established a presence in Cambodia in 2010 with Bank of China Phnom Penh. It holds a universal banking license, allowing it to offer various banking products and services in Cambodia and other countries. Its offerings include deposits, loans, trade finance, international settlement, global capital management, and local clearing.

Revenue: USD 22.76 million (2016)

Net income: USD 14.24 million (2016)

Total assets: USD 1.03 billion (2016)


ABA Bank

Established in 1996 as Advanced Bank of Asia Limited, ABA Bank provides a range of banking products and services to customer segments that include individuals, micro-businesses, and SMEs. It operates a network of over 50 branches and 100 self-banking kiosks, as well as 210 ATMs throughout Cambodia.

Revenue: USD 212.4 million (2019)

Net income: USD 127.4 million (2019)

Total assets: USD 4.39 billion (2019)


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