Top Banks in Slovakia

Overview of Slovakia's leading financial institutions

Overview of Banks in Slovakia

 The National Bank of Slovakia, the country’s central bank, became part of the Eurosystem in 2009. The Slovak central bank works to keep prices stable, working with the European Central Bank and other central banks in the Eurozone. It also supervises financial institutions and banks in Slovakia.

In 2019, Slovakia’s banking sector comprises 27 financial institutions, with universal banks focused on retail and corporate banking making up the majority of banks. Three major banks – Slovenska Sporitelna, VUB Banka, and Tatra Banka – dominate the sector, accounting for over 50% of its total assets.

Banks in Slovakia

In April 2021, Moody’s Investors Service changed its outlook on Slovakia’s banking system from negative to stable. It reflects current improvements in the macroeconomic environment that will limit the downside risks to asset quality and profitability in the coming 12-18 months. 

The limited downside risks, combined with the system’s healthy capital buffers and stable funding and liquidity profiles, underpin the stable outlook. The agency said that as economic growth rebounds amid a broader eurozone recovery, the Slovak banks’ operating environment will strengthen.

For anyone considering a banking career in Slovakia, this list of top banks in Slovakia is a helpful guide on where to start. To learn more, see our list of financial institutions.

The Top Banks in Slovakia Include:

Slovenska Sporitelna (Erste Bank)

Headquartered in Bratislava, Slovenska Sporitelna is the biggest of the commercial banks in Slovakia, according to total assets, client deposits, retail loans, and the number of branches and ATMs. Established in 1825 as Slovakia’s first savings bank, it became a member of the Erste Bank Group (Austria) in 2001.

The bank serves retail and corporate clients, offering a wide range of financial products and services. It currently serves over 2.2 million customers and manages 203 branches and eight regional centers, as well as 747 ATMs, throughout Slovakia.

Net income: EUR 108.0 million (2020)

Total assets: EUR 207.7 billion (2020)

VUB Banka (Intesa)

VUB Banka started its operations as a state financial institution in 1990, providing commercial banking activities to corporate clients in the country. In 2001, it became a privately held company, after Italian group, IntesaBci (presently Intesa Sanpaolo), acquired a majority shareholding in the bank.

VUB Banka offers a wide range of individual, corporate, and investment banking products and services across Slovakia. It currently operates a network of 197 points of sale, including retail branches, corporate branches, and mortgage centers in Slovakia; and one branch in the Czech Republic. 

Net income: EUR 82.69 million (2020)

Total assets: EUR 19.23 billion (2020)

Tatra Banka (Raiffeisen)

Founded in 1990, Tatra Bank was the first private bank in Slovakia. Operating as a universal bank, it offers private, retail, investment, and corporate banking products and services to individual customers, SMEs, and other businesses.

Based in Bratislava, the bank currently operates as a member of Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank International Group and employs 3,600 individuals. It manages 94 branches and 16 commercial business centers across the country.

Net income: EUR 105.71 million (2020)

Total assets: EUR 15.64 billion (2020)

CSOB Banka (KBC)

In 1964, CSOB Banka started its operations in former Czechoslovakia with the Czechoslovak State Bank as majority shareholder. In 1999, the bank became a subsidiary of Belgium’s KBC Bank. CSOB provides a wide range of financial products to retail clients, SMEs, and corporations in the country.

Net income: EUR 70.69 million (2019)

Total assets: EUR 10.43 billion (6/2020)

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia

Incorporated in 1996, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia operates as a subsidiary of UniCredit SpA. Headquartered in Prague, the bank offers an extensive range of financial products and services to private and corporate clients. It is one of the strongest banks in Slovakia in project, structured, and syndicated corporate finance, as well as in acquisition and commercial real estate financing.

UniCredit Bank serves 185,000 customers through a network of around 140 branches and 400 ATMs across the country.

Net income: CZK 5.32 billion (2020)

Total assets: CZK 664.4 million (2020)

Postova Banka

Founded in 1992, Postova Bank offers retail banking products and services to individuals, SMEs, and companies in Slovakia. The bank is a member of J&T Finance Group, a Central European investment group. It also provides insurance and asset management services through subsidiaries.

Net income: EUR 37.93 million (2019)

Total assets: EUR 4.41 billion (2019)

Prima Banka (Penta Group)

Established in 1993, Prima Banka Slovensko offers banking solutions to the public sector and municipalities in Slovakia. It also serves private individuals and business entities across the country. Previously known as Dexia Banka Slovensko, it adopted its current name as one of the banks in Slovakia in 2012.

Headquartered in Zilina, Prima Banka currently employs 816 staff and oversees about 100 branches and 230 ATMs.

Net income: EUR 17.52 million (2020)

Total assets: EUR 4.71 billion (3/2020)

OTP Banka Slovensko

OTP Banka Slovensko operates as a subsidiary of OTP Bank RT, Hungary’s biggest bank. It owns a universal banking license, along with a full foreign exchange license. The bank offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to individual clients and legal entities.

Headquartered in Bratislava, the bank currently oversees 5 regional centers and 58 branches across the country.

Net income: EUR -9.62 million (2020)

Total assets: EUR 1.41 billion (3/2020)

Privatbanka (Penta Group)

Established in 1995, Privatbanka is the first of the banks in Slovakia to offer specialized private banking and asset management services to customers across the country. The bank caters to individual and business clients, providing private, retail, and corporate banking products and services. It operates as a subsidiary of Penta Investments Limited.

Headquartered in Bratislava, the bank operates a network of three regional investment branches and nine regional investment branches for non-cash operations across the country.

Net income: EUR 6.13 million (2020)

Total assets: EUR 720.68 million (2020)

Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank

Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank is the first Eastern European bank to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as financing the projects of cities and towns in the country. The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic established the specialized banking institution in 1991 in support of the country’s SMEs. The bank currently operates nine regional branches.

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