Top Job Search Websites

Leading sites to search for and find a job

Top Job Search Websites

Many applicants nowadays turn to top job search websites to find a job. Gone are the days when people look for jobs in newspapers and other printed materials. In this digital age, job seekers can go online to see a wide range of employment opportunities.

Top Job Search Websites

There are many online sources for job seekers – from social media platforms, job boards and networking groups, to aggregators and company websites. The numerous lists of job openings can be overwhelming. The good thing is, each website offers a search option that will make it easier for you to see which job opportunities are available depending on your work experience and preferences.

Below are 10 top job search websites that can be great start-off points for job hunting. (Click on the title to open the website on a new tab)

#1 Robert Half

This website covers thousands of job openings from companies all over the world. Since the listings come from employers that Robert Half works with, many of the career options on the website may not be found in other sites. Aside from employment opportunities, the website offers information and advice regarding job search and career growth.

#2 CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is considered one of the biggest job boards, collecting job listings directly from partners and news media in the US. Its search function enables job seekers to narrow down their selections through several criteria, including salary range, educational background, and location. It also offers employment resources and advice.

#3 Dice.com

If you’re looking for a tech job, you may want to consider Dice.com. On this site, you can filter job listings based on the name of the company, job title, employment type, location, or any keyword related to what you’re looking for. Upon registration, you can upload your resume and see salary details. Dice.com also offers tech news and career advice.

#4 LinkedIn

As the most extensive online professional network in the world, LinkedIn enables professionals to connect, search jobs through your extended network, get insights from industry leaders and experts, and follow companies of interest. You can make your profile, showcasing your work experience, educational background, and training certifications. You can also join different groups and be part of the conversations.

#5 Indeed

The Indeed website gets job listings from different job boards, websites, associations, career sites, and classified ads in newspapers, resulting in millions of job postings. You can search for jobs in your area and even in other countries. Indeed enables job seekers to upload a resume and share a customized link with employers.

#6 Glassdoor

Aside from providing a wide array of career opportunities, Glassdoor offers a large database of employee reviews and ratings of different companies, enabling job seekers to know more about a company’s work culture, benefits, pay range, and office processes.

#7 Jobs.com

The Jobs.com website offers a wide range of job listings, as well as weekly job alerts and career advice. Job seekers can upload their resume to make it easier for recruiters to find them.

#8 Monster

Monster houses one of the largest databases of job listings. It also offers company profiles, career advice, salary information, search alerts, and networking boards. Monster also enables job seekers to upload their resume.

#9 SimplyHired

On the SimplyHired site, job seekers can save their searches for future reference and sign up for email alerts to get career suggestions. They can also search for companies based on different criteria that may be relevant to their job hunting process. For instance, they can look for companies that adhere to environment-friendly practices, those that encourage diversity, etc.

#10 Us.jobs

If you’re interested in state government jobs, consider looking at Us.jobs as it consolidates postings from websites of companies, as well as different state work agencies. It is a product of the partnership of the Direct Employers Association and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) that aims to connect job seekers and employers.

Final Word

Make sure to register in more than one top job search website to increase your chances of landing that dream job. By exploring different online employment resources, you will also get career advice and insights into company cultures and industry trends. Happy job hunting!

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