Financial Modeling Keyboard

What is the Best Financial Modeling Keyboard?

There is no “official” financial modeling keyboard, however, it is much more common to use a PC than a Mac. The main reason for this is that shortcuts are different on each type of computer, and not all the shortcuts work on a Mac. At the end of the day, if you’re using a work computer, you don’t have much choice, but if you’re a student or have a choice over your device, you may get to have your preference.

There are so many types of keyboards to choose from. They vary in the actual layout and location of the different keys, particularly when it comes to laptop keyboards where some keys are missing. Other models also feature multi-purpose keys. Mechanical keyboards have become a popular choice nowadays, while those who experience wrist pain opt for ergonomic keyboards.

Keyboards are not usually on top of the list when people upgrade their computers, but having a good keyboard is highly beneficial for anyone who spends a lot of time typing for work. With so many models available nowadays, finding the right one for financial modeling may not come easy. In general, you may want to use a keyboard that is suitable for Excel keyboard shortcuts to make your tasks easier.


Financial Modeling Keyboard

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