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About Financial Modeling on a Mac

Financial modeling on a Mac is becoming more and more common, and while the PC is still recommended, it is possible to get by on an Apple device. In order to help serve users on all types of computers, CFI has created a list of Mac equivalent functions so you’ll be good to go!

Some professionals may not be too keen to do financial modeling on a Mac, but by using software, a user can install the Windows operating system on an Apple computer. One of the software options is Parallels, which enables users to run a virtual copy of Windows on Mac hardware. With this setup, finance professionals can use Excel on Windows and still go back to a Mac environment when you need to.

Another option is Boot Camp. It is the official software of Apple that allows users to run other operating systems on a Mac. The main concern in this software is that at startup, the user must choose which operating system to use, so one cannot switch to a Mac environment without a complete reboot.


Financial Modeling on a Mac

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Example Excel Model

Below is a screenshot from one of CFI’s online analyst training and certification courses, offered 100% online.

To learn How to Build an Excel Model step-by-step, click on the image below.

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