Financial Modeling Syllabus

CFI Financial Modeling Syllabus

The syllabus from CFI’s Building a Financial Model in Excel course includes (1) learning how to use a structured approach to modeling, (2) understanding best practices, (3) learning how to plan and prepare before building a model, (4) forecasting operating revenues, (5) expenses and operating profit, (6) forecasting property, (7) plant and equipment as well as other non-current assets, (8) forecasting working capital including accounts receivable, inventory, and accounts payable, (9) learning to model debt and interest expense, (10) modeling equity and dividends, (11) handling circular references, (12) performing error checking, (13) calculating each of the three financial statements, and (14) performing a basic discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation.

Additional Questions and Answers

CFI is the official global provider of financial modeling and valuation analyst FMVA Designation. CFI’s mission is to help anyone become a world-class financial analyst and has a wide range of resources to help you along the way.

In order to become a great financial analyst, below are some additional questions and answers for you to explore further:

  • What are the types of financial models?
  • What is sensitivity analysis?
  • What is bookkeeping?
  • What are the most common valuation methods?

Example Excel Model

Below is a screenshot from one of CFI’s online analyst training and certification courses, offered 100% online.

To learn How to Build an Excel Model step-by-step, click on the image below.

financial modeling questions and answers

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