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What is Programming? Programming is the process of writing instructions for a computer to perform. It is similar to a recipe for humans. A recipe contains a list of actions for humans to create a meal, and programs are actions for computers to follow. Programming is now a handy skill for many career paths, including…

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What is Perpetuity? Perpetuity in the financial system is a situation where a stream of cash flow payments continues indefinitely or is an annuity that has no end. In valuation analysis, perpetuities are used to find the present value of a company’s future projected cash flow stream and the company’s terminal value. Essentially, a perpetuity…

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Section 368

Overview and Fundamentals of Section 368 Section 368(A)(1) outlines a format for US tax treatment of corporate reorganizations, as described in the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The reorganization transactions, however, must meet certain legal requirements to classify for the favorable treatment. Additionally, there has been further precedent outside of the codified requirements that have developed…

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