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About Bloomberg Terminal

The Bloomberg Terminal (aka Bloomberg Professional Services) connects finance professionals to a dynamic network of information, people, and ideas. At the core of this network is the ability to deliver real-time data to finance professionals around the world.

The main value-added services provided by Bloomberg Terminal are:

  1. Data
  2. News
  3. Analytics

These services are provided through innovative, proprietary technology, that quickly and accurately provides financial information to individuals and across enterprises around the world.

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Who uses Bloomberg Terminal?

Financial analysts around the world use Bloomberg and the terminal to perform their financial analysis and financial modeling.

Sales & Trading professionals use Bloomberg extensively to help them execute trades and orders.

Investment banking professionals use it to look for information on historical M&A transactions and other pertinent information used in their pitch books.

Equity research analysts and associates use Bloomberg for preparing reports and conducting the coverage of public companies.

Alternative data providers

Alternative services used by corporate finance professionals include CapIQ, Thomson Reuters, and Pitchbook to name a few.  Each has their area of expertise, with Bloomberg being the leader in market data and trading, Capital IQ being the leader in transactions screening and investment banking tools, and Pitchbook being the leader in lower to middle market transactions and private deals.

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