Best Personal Finance Software

Leading software programs for managing personal finances

What is the Best Personal Finance Software?

Given the myriad of options available on the market today, it can be difficult to choose the best personal finance software. Modern technology has given us personal finance software that is designed to help us manage our money better and stay on top of our finances.

Best Personal Finance Software

Before, people used to wait for their bank account statements or visit the local branch of their bank to manage their finances. In this digital age, managing our money and investing for the future are becoming more efficient, thanks to technological advancements. Nowadays, we rely heavily on our smartphones and laptops to see where our money is going and how much are we saving for the future. Bill payments can also be made with just a few clicks.

Examples of Personal Finance Software

To help you decide, here’s a list of the best personal finance software solutions that can help you grow your savings and control your spending.

#1 Quicken Premier

People who are into personal accounting should be familiar with a desktop tool called Quicken. Its Premier edition is ideal for managing not only personal finances but also investments and business accounts. It enables you to link transactions between your accounts, which means that transferring funds from one account to another is easy. The software also offers tools for budgeting that will help you spend wisely and save at the same time.

#2 Personal Capital

If you want to use only one platform to manage all your financial accounts, you may want to consider Personal Capital. You can use the software for your bank accounts, mortgage, and credit cards, as well as your investment accounts. It enables you to keep track of your assets and savings. It also offers advice based on your goals and current financial situation.


You Need A Budget or YNAB is a personal finance software program that allows you to control spending, stick to a financial plan, and manage your overall monthly budget. It helps improve your financial literacy and develop better saving and spending habits. It also provides tutorials on more challenging financial topics.

#4 Mvelopes

If you’re used to putting cash in envelopes to manage your budget, you can do the same thing, only in a digital manner, with Mvelopes. This personal finance software takes the same budgeting approach, wherein you will split your funds into different digital envelopes dedicated for specific purposes such as savings, phone bills, groceries, mortgage, etc. If there’s still cash left in an envelope, it will stay there, giving you the freedom to spend it on something else or keep it until the next pay period.

#5 Mint

Another popular tool for budgeting is Mint. The Mint personal finance software analyzes your spending habits and identifies areas where you can cut costs to improve your finances. Mint also helps you pay your bills on time, as it enables you to set up alerts for due dates. With its budget categories, the application provides real-time information on how much you can spend on certain items.

#6 Money Dashboard

One of the best personal finance software solutions available is Money Dashboard. It gives you a clearer picture of your spending through a pie chart that shows how much you spend on transportation, food, utilities, etc. It also offers an at-a-glance overall balance that tells you the amount of money available all your accounts. You will be able to compare it with last month’s figure, enabling you to see how well you’re managing your finances.

#7 FutureAdvisor

If you’re a DIY investor and looking for personal finance software dedicated to investing, consider FutureAdvisor. It provides customized recommendations on how to diversify your portfolio. Ever heard of a robo-adviser? It is an automated investment advisor that helps you manage your portfolio based on algorithms. If you want to try it, FutureAdvisor comes with a paid robo-adviser version for more comprehensive portfolio management.

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