Modano Financial Modeling Software

Learn about modular financial modeling

What is Modano?

Modano, headquartered in Australia, is a software company that provides content management solutions for financial modeling. Modano owns a platform that can be used to build financial models in a modular way, which can significantly enhance your Excel modeling capabilities.

Features of the Modano Financial Modeling Software

The Modano financial modeling software allows users to primarily do three things:

  1. Standardization – by taking sections that have been pre-built and inserting them into the model
  2. Review – by using tools to ensure formulas are working properly and that the model is error-free
  3. Automation – facilitates the re-use of parts of models and automates certain tasks

Modano’s Product Offerings

Modano offers three main product lines for its customers. The product lines include:

  1. Enterprise – Modano’s premium product for large corporations
  2. Community – a free product
  3. Implementation – a consulting-like service to help set up custom models

More on Financial Modeling

Financial modeling in Excel is really a means, not an end. It’s a means to intimately understand how a business works, which the true “end.”

While Modano is designed to decrease the time and risks associated with building financial models, the software still requires that you have a sound understanding of key financial modeling concepts. So, don’t think you won’t still need to learn how to build financial models from scratch!

Still, programs such as the financial modeling software from Modano can make the task of creating financial models much easier. They can also help you create more informative models that present data more clearly.

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