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National Skill Development Agency NSDA India

Train 400 million by 2022

About the National Skill Development Agency NSDA India

The National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) is an Indian government body that’s part of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.  NSDA’s mission is to increase skills development across the private sector and government positions in India.

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Objectives of NSDA

The following are the main objectives of the National Skill Development Agency NSDA:

  • Support the government of India’s Five Year Plan for skills training
  • Organize skills development across all sectors
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing skill development programs and find ways to make them more effective
  • Develop a database of skill development information across the nation and build a Labour Market Information System (LMIS).
  • Support the needs and requirements of disadvantaged individuals and minorities, including women and differently-abled people


How many people does the National Skill Development Programme plan to train?

The ministry of skill development originally stated in 2009 that it planned to train 500 million people by 2022.  Since then, it has refined that estimate to be closer to  400 million people by 2022.

100 million are those people who will be new to the workforce and require significant skills training.

The remaining 300 million are already in the workforce but need a skills upgrade.



National Skill Development Council

The National Skill Development Council consists of several members, including the chairman, general body, governing body, director general, deputy director general, director of NSRD, and various research analysts, research associates, consultants, and administrative staff.


National Skill Development Agency
Source: National Skill Development Agency


Most important skills

India is known for being a great source of back-office and mid-office roles in banking, finance, and technology.

Many global investment banks are rapidly expanding offices in India in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Dehli.

From the banks’ perspective, the most important skills to have developed are:


Accounting and finance

India will be making a big push to set up the skills of their people in accounting and finance.  While many people will go to university, given the sheer size of the country and the number of people that require training, many will look to online courses to master these topics.

CFI has developed several courses that are entirely free in our mission to help anyone become a world-class financial analyst.


free accounting course

To begin, launch this free online accounting course.


Financial modeling and valuation

To move India’s population towards more front-office roles, developing financial modeling and valuation skills will be very important.

CFI has a unique focus on developing practical, job-based skills that financial analysts need to rise up through the ranks.

Our financial modeling courses have been taken by tens of thousands of aspiring corporate finance professionals.


financial modeling training skills


Excel skills

Most professionals working in finance use Excel more than they care to admit.

A big part of CFI’s mission is to ensure analysts have the tools and training they need, including practical programs like Excel.  To get started for free, check out CFI’s Free Excel Course online!


Excel skills


Additional resources

The mission of the National Skill Development Agency NSDA is clear: provide 400 million people in India significant skills upgrades by 2022.  In order to get there, they will have to partner with as many training companies as possible and leverage the power of eLearning.

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