Top 3 Financial Calculators

The best financial calculators for finance professionals

Top 3 Financial Calculators

Financial calculators are important investments for anyone who needs to perform specific financial functions that standard calculators can’t handle. For anyone in the finance industry, calculating things such as cash flow, values, expenses related to loans, and interest – among other items – is accomplished much more simply with a financial calculator.

There are a lot of financial calculators on the market today, and most come with a substantial price tag. Choosing the right calculator depends on a lot on what the calculator needs to be used for. However, there are three financial calculators that clearly stand out from the rest.


Financial Calculators


Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus consistently stands apart as the leading financial calculator because of the extensive variety of functions it can perform. There are a number of specific financial calculations the calculator performs, including internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), and net future value (NFV), to assist with cash flow analysis. The calculator can store more than 30 cash flow measures of up to four digits.

TI’s financial calculator is ideal for investors, traders, analysts, and accountants looking to quickly and easily determine calculations for amortization and the time value of money. The calculator cuts down on time for its user, making calculations for leases, loans, mortgages, and savings easy to do. It also produces amortization schedules.

Among other features, the calculator offers six methods that can be used to calculate depreciation. Interest rate conversions are another feature, with the calculator easily converting between annual – or nominal – and effective interest rates.

Another major reason that the TI BA II Plus calculator sits at the top of the list is the fact that it is accepted for use for several professional exams. When sitting an exam that allows the use of a calculator, always check if the calculator you are using is one of the approved machines.

In terms of simple aesthetics, convenience, and functionality, this calculator comes with a case for protection, as well as a replacement lithium battery. The keys and functions don’t respond if calculations are done too fast, so the calculator requires a steady finger during use.


HP 10bII+

The HP 10bII is one of the most widely trusted and used brands of financial calculators. Of HP’s stellar line-up, the 10bII+ is by and large considered the best the brand offered. The HP calculator, much like the Texas Instruments calculator, can calculate a multitude of things, such as cash flows, loan payments, and interest rates.

The feature that puts this calculator so high on the list is the fact that it is so easy to use, especially for new users. The calculator comes with keys designed specifically to offer swift access to common statistical and financial calculations.

The HPs 10bII+ was created to be a strong, fast performer with the ability to quickly and accurately handle complicated statistical and business-specific operations. Most users find that it ranks excellent in the response department, offering solutions up quickly, despite the complicated nature of the computation it is performing.

The HPs calculator features more than 170 functions it can perform, is extremely reliable, and is acceptable for use in most major professional exams.



Another HP calculator makes the list but sits closer to the bottom, largely due to cost. The unit’s cost, however, should be a negligible factor for financial professionals because it performs so many functions. It features two entry modes – reverse polish notation (RPN) and algebraic. The calculator can also withstand up to 400 steps of input, aside from the 130 functions already built into it.

The HP 12CP calculator’s display screen is something to note, because it is easy to read, with the screen at a slight angle for ease of visibility. The screen isn’t massive, with enough room for results up to 10 digits or characters. However, the fact that the screen is rather small is another reason the calculator sits closer to the bottom of the preferred financial calculator list.

The HP calculator recently saw the addition of new, advanced editing capabilities that include backspace and undo buttons to help correct mistakes or calculation errors. Aesthetically, the calculator comes with a metal backplate suitable for engraving, which makes it perfect as a gift or for office use.

There are a lot of financial calculators on the market today. Understanding what each calculator does makes it easier to determine which calculator is best for each individual. Financial calculators are a great investment for financial professionals, helping them complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently.

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