Top 8 Financial Calculators

The leading financial calculators for finance professionals

What are Financial Calculators?

Financial calculators are a type of electronic calculator used in computing financial functions that regular calculators cannot handle. Some of the functions that financial calculators are designed to compute include the values of investments, cash flow amounts, and loan-related expenses, among others.


Top 8 Financial Calculators


Financial calculators also help in performing tax, interest rate, and regression calculations. Accountants, students, financiers, and business owners can all benefit from using financial calculators. However, considering the myriad of options on the market, which are the best financial calculators to invest in?


1. Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator

The TI BA II Plus Professional financial calculator is the perfect calculator for an individual looking to perform advanced finance, statistical, and accounting calculations. It comes with lots of functions and makes an excellent choice for persons who may want to use it in a Chartered Financial Analyst® examination.

When it comes to finance, the Texas Instruments calculator will help a user to compute the IRR, MIRR, NFV, and NPV for the purpose of analyzing cash flows. It is capable of storing about 32 uneven cash flows, each with four-digit frequencies. It also allows the user to edit the values they key in.

One aspect that TI’s calculator is really good at is calculating the time value of money and an amortization schedule. An individual can use BA II Plus Professional to compute mortgage rates, loan amounts, leases, and savings.


2. Calculated Industries 3400 Pocket Real Estate Master

For people who want to solve real estate finance problems, the Calculated Industries 3400 calculator will come in handy. It’s much cheaper than other financial calculators on the market.

The Calculated Industries 3400 is a superb entry-level calculator for individuals who are just getting started in real estate financing. One thing that makes the calculator a favorite for many is its pocket size. It’s also very easy to use, even for individuals who are not well-versed with financial calculators.


3. Texas Instruments BA II PLUS

The BA II PLUS financial calculator is a great option for both students and business owners. It’s very useful in handling accounting, investments, and finance applications. Given the array of functions that the calculator comes with, users need a bit of patience to learn all its intricacies.

The Texas BAII PLUS can solve time-value-of-money problems. It also helps individuals compute the IRR and NPV for cash flow analysis. In fact, it can store a maximum of 24 uneven cash-flows.


4. Victor 6500 12 Digit Executive Desktop Financial Calculator

For individuals looking to purchase budget-friendly financial calculators, the Victor 6500 makes for a strong contender. In addition to its affordable pricing, the calculator comes with an ultra-large LCD angled display that displays values clearly.

Also, it’s equipped with a special loan wizard feature that enables users to input any loan variables and compute. The Victor 6500 calculator may not come with all the bells and whistles compared to other financial calculators, however, individuals will still be able to perform basic finance and accounting calculations.


5. HP NW239AA 10bII+ Financial Calculator

Another smart choice for a financial calculator is the HP NW239AA. The HP NW239AA boasts an easy-to-use design that computes finance, business, and statistical problems with ease. It features more than 100 easily-accessible business functions, which enable an individual to make fast calculations and thus save on time.

Some of the problems that one can solve with the HP calculator are loan payments, interest rates, standard deviation, NPV, IRR, percent, and more. Also, it is allowed in CFP Certification examinations.


6. Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator

For individuals looking to do advanced finance problems, the Casio FC-200V will come in handy. It features a user-friendly design and an excellent choice of built-in functions. With the Casio calculator, users will be able to perform an investment appraisal, and calculate costs and sell margins.

Additionally, the FC-200V calculator helps a user to convert percentage interest rates to effective interest rates, as well as compute simple and compound interest calculations.


7. HP 12CP Financial Calculator

The HP 12CP is another leading choice for a financial calculator and one that is widely used by finance and business professionals. It offers an intuitive landscape that makes navigating it a cinch. Also, it’s one of the few calculators that is accepted in CFA exams.

Overall, the HP 12CP calculator comes with about 120 built-in functions. Other than finance, it can also help individuals perform statistical and mathematical calculations.


8. Sharp Calculators EL-334WB Business Calculator

The large EL-334WB Business Calculator is designed for placing on a desktop. It comes with a kickstand and is great for use at home or in the workplace. The calculator features an elegant white design with a big LCD display for easy visibility.

The plastic keys for keying in data are also large, which makes it a handy device for individuals who need to work in poorly-lit areas. The calculator can be used to determine cost and sell margin, as well as profit margin. Some of the functions that a user will find on the EL-334WB are grand total key, backspace key, double zero key, 4-key independent memory, an extra-large plus key, and automatic tax keys.


Wrap Up

When an individual wants to perform basic or advanced finance calculations, a standard calculator will not suffice. For such instances, the most suitable device is a financial calculator that comes equipped with advanced capabilities to facilitate the computation of financial problems. Financial calculators can handle complex computations such as amortization schedules and cash flow analysis.


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