Bachelor of Science

What is a Bachelor of Science?

A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is an undergraduate degree awarded for a completed program in a university or college and typically takes three to five years. While the degree includes science in the name, it is not restricted to science-related subject areas, and the major of studies will vary depending on the institution awarding it. After completing a B.Sc., students tend to continue their studies by pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. degree or seek a career related to their discipline.

Additional Resources

CFI is a global provider of financial modeling courses and of the FMVA Certification. CFI’s mission is to help all professionals improve their technical skills. If you are a student or are looking for a career change, the CFI website has a multitude of free resources to help you jumpstart your Career in Finance. If you seek to improve your technical skills check out some of our most popular courses. Below are some additional resources for you to further explore:

The Financial Modeling Certification

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