Dislocated Worker

What is Dislocated Worker?

Dislocated Worker is someone that has been laid off for a variety of reasons. The 1998 Workforce Investment Act in the United States of America defined it as:

“an individual who –

(A)(i) has been terminated or laid off, or who has received a notice of termination or layoff, from employment;

(ii)(I) is eligible for or has exhausted entitlement to unemployment compensation; or


(iii) is unlikely to return to a previous industry or occupation;

(B)(i) has been terminated or laid off, or has received a notice of termination or layoff, from employment as a result of any permanent closure of, or any substantial layoff at, a plant, facility, or enterprise;


(C) was self-employed (including employment as a farmer, a rancher, or a fisherman) but is unemployed as a result of general economic conditions in the community in which the individual resides or because of natural disasters;


(D) is a displaced homemaker.”

Reference: https://www.doleta.gov/usworkforce/wia/wialaw.pdf

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