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About FinViz

Finviz, short for Financial Visualizations, is a stock market and data website that provides financial analysis, research, and data visualization. The website does a good job of summarizing a large volume of information into charts and maps that can be easily digested and understood. This helps traders when making decisions quickly and enables them to easily synthesize large amounts of complex information.

Visit the Financial Visualizations website here -> https://finviz.com/

FinViz Financial Visualization

FinViz tools and features

The FinViz website offers users a choice of free and premium services. The basic features include stock screeners, market heat maps, comparison tools, performance indicators, and a wide array of charts. All of the above-mentioned features are free in the basic site, but users can upgrade to the premium features which are listed below. The product can be used by either individual or institutional traders.

For traders looking to quickly capitalize on incoming data and information, it’s important to be well versed in FinViz’s functions so you can quickly navigate the site. The main benefits of being a strong user of the site are the ability to generate ideas and to watch how capital is flowing in and out of various markets and asset classes.

Premium FinViz features

  • Real-Time Quotes
  • Intraday Charts
  • Technical Studies
  • Advanced Charts and Stock Screening
  • Premium Maps Groups
  • Export Screener Results
  • Custom Ranges and Views
  • Layout Customization
  • Backtesting Technical Studies
  • Fundamental Stock Charts
  • Alerts via Email
  • Determining Correlations
  • Ability to Preset Screener Criteria

More resources for traders

We hope this has been a helpful guide to understanding how FinViz can help you become a better trader and a more informed market participant. Of course, this is only one tool for supporting you in your investing and trading. There are many other data providers, sources of education, and alternative ways to visualize data.

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