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What is FINVIZ?

FINVIZ is a browser-based stock market research platform that makes market information easily accessible to traders and investors. The platform offers free and premium tools that traders can use to generate ideas and find opportunities for trading stocks, forex, and futures. Visitors on the website get access to the latest financial news, market maps, comparative tools and charts, portfolio tracking, advanced screeners, and sector performance tools.

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While all the information displayed on the FINVIZ homepage can be overwhelming for first-time users, knowing how to use the charts and free tools can save traders both time and money that would’ve been spent on multiple tools.

FINVIZ Pricing Options

There are three main FINVIZ pricing options that traders can choose from, depending on the tools and features they want to use. The pricing options include:

1. Free

If you are a first-time user of FINVIZ, you can use the website without requiring any sign-up or logging in. Free users get access to the basic features and tools that do not require saving data. The free option offers three to five delayed maps, groups, quotes, and charts. To access the more advanced features, the users must choose one of the two other options.

2. Registered

The registered option requires users to sign up on the website. Doing so enables them to use additional FINVIZ features. The registration process is simple, and it takes less than three minutes. Registered users get access to daily charts and graphs, limited screener results, portfolio tickers, 50 screener presets, along with all the free access features. The option does not require users to pay and offers limited features compared to the elite pricing option.

3. Elite

The FINVIZ elite plan is the paid version for premium customers. It provides access to all the features available to free and registered users, as well as premium features that are not otherwise available. Some of the premium features offered in the elite option include pre-market and real-time quotes, advanced charting, backtesting, alerts, no-ads platform, real-time maps, emails on new alerts, and up to 100 screener presents.

The monthly elite plan subscription costs $39.50. Users can save money b opting for the annual subscription which costs $299.50. Both the monthly and annual payment plans offer the same level of access to premium features.

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Features of FINVIZ

The following are the main features of FINVIZ:

1. News

FINVIZ includes a news feed that provides the latest financial news that can help in choosing stocks and making decisions on whether to enter or exit a trade. The news headlines are sourced from some of the leading news providers, such as Bloomberg, MarketWatch, the New York Times, CNBC, and the Wall Street Journal.

The platform also streams blogs from third-party sources like Seeking Alpha, Mish Talk, Zero Hedge, and Calculated Risk. The news feed can be arranged according to source or time.

2. Screener

A screener is a more advanced tool that allows users to filter/sort stocks using descriptive, technical, or fundamental indicators. Users can input various indicators and identify the various stocks that fit their criteria. They can filter stocks based on price, market cap, average volume, beta, float short, profit margin, chart patterns, or specific candlestick patterns.

Users have total control of their scans, and they can choose to save results for later use (must be registered users to save data). The screener feature is available to all categories of users.

3. Heat maps

Heat maps are visual tools that give traders an overview of how a specific stock is performing, and they allow quick browsing and analysis of large volumes of market data. Users can view the maps of a particular group, country, sector, exchange, or industry.

The maps show which stocks are significantly moving, the direction in which they are moving, and the magnitude of the movements. The stocks are color-coded for easy identification of well-performing stocks and those on the decline.

4. Sectors

The FINVIZ group tab provides an overview of how various sectors and industries have been performing. Stocks can be categorized based on specific performance metrics such as market capitalization, P/E ratio, EPS, etc. Users can choose to get the data displayed in a bar chart, tabular form, grid, or chart.

5. Insider sales tracking

Under insider tracking, users can view the most recent insider transactions, their value, the number of shares and the individual/institution that made the transaction. The feature offers a great way to identify potential trades by viewing the latest insider transactions by top executives in the open market.

6. Futures

There is a futures tab that allows users to track the progress of the futures market, identify contracts prices, and see by how much they have changed. The futures are color-coded on a map to provide an easy visual correlation with the various futures contracts.

7. Cryptocurrency

The crypto page shows the various cryptocurrencies, and how they are performing in the market. They are color-coded for easy data visualization.

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