10 Funny Finance Mugs

10 Funny Finance Mugs

We have compiled a list of our favorite 10 Funny Finance Mugs.  This list contains a compilation of great gift ideas for your friend who works in finance, accounting or the capital markets. The mugs are great for drinking your morning coffee, your evening tea, or something in between.  It’s sturdy and glossy with a vivid print that’ll withstand the microwave and dishwasher. All of them are available in two sizes: 11oz and 15oz.

Scroll down and check them out! 

#1 – That’s WACC!

The Cost of Equity * % of Equity + [Cost of Debt * % of Debt] * [1- Tax Rate] is WACC!

White Finance Mug - That's WACC!

#2 – Me Boss You Not.

We are sure that your boss would love this mug!

White Finance Mug - Me Boss. You Not

#3 – I suffer from Depreciation

Because even Financial Analysts have bad days.

White Finance Mug - I suffer from depreciation

#4 – It’s Accrual World

A great gift for the lovely accountant in your office! We guarantee they will drink from it every day!White Finance Mug - It's accrual world!

#5 – I Am Really Busy

For some reason, this mug really helps avoid peers coming to talk to you.

White Finance Mug - I am really busy

#6 – I work numbers, not Miracles

Spreadsheets are a very useful tool; however, even Excel has its limitations.

White Finance Mug - I work numbers, not miracles

#7 – Coffee – The Most Valuable Liquid Asset

Coffee runs the world, and the world runs on coffee. Can you think of someone who would love this finance mug?

White Finance Mug - Coffee the most valuable liquid asset

#8 – I love it when my boss is not in the office

Some Days feel more blessed than others.White Finance Mug - I love it when my boss is not in the office

#9 – I Don’t Dance, I Finance

Nobody has both of these skills, you either have it or not. Can you think of someone who would like to receive this Finance Mug?

White Finance Mug - I Don't Dance, I Finance

#10 – I Keep Hearing Invoices

You should probably talk to a doctor, or maybe your accounts payable manager.

White Finance Mug - I keep hearing invoices

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