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Earn your CFA CE hours with our online courses.

CFA Approved Provider


Approved CE provider for the CFA Institute

CFI is proud to be a CFA approved provider of continuing education (CE) credits. (View the CFA Approved-Provider Directory)

Our courses adhere to the highest quality and standards for financial analysts to continue their professional development.

CFI courses typically offer between 1 and 4 hours of CE credits per course.

According to the CFA Institute, they recommend at least 20 hours of CE courses per year. CFAs have the opportunity to show they have completed the recommended CE hour for the prior year when they renew membership each spring.

The full suite of CFI courses provides CFA charterholders with over 40 hours of approved CE credits.


CE course topics

CFI offers a wide range of course topics that include:

These courses are designed to teach practical applications of financial analysis, which complement the CFA designation curriculum.  Financial analysts will learn how to perform detailed analysis in Excel, using financial modeling and other practical applications.

The best way to learn is by doing, why is why CFI courses walk you through advanced financial analysis step by step.  By watching the instructor build a model in Excel from scratch, you can see how a professional goes about it, and then build one on your own.

Below are some screenshots from some of our most popular courses at the Corporate Finance Institute.


financial model


CFA Approved course


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More CFA Approved Provider learning

In addition to being a CFA approved provider of continuing education credits, we also offer a wider range of career resources that are very useful for financial analysts.

Our most popular resources include: