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Earn CPD & CPE credits with CFI e-learning courses.

Continuing Professional Development – CPD Online

CFI e-learning courses are high quality, technical training for financial modeling and financial analysis.  Students take our courses to expand their technical knowledge and can earn up to 4 credits of CPD online per course, after successfully completing all requirements.

Our online CPD online courses are designed to give students the skills, knowledge, and abilities that professionals in corporate finance, investment banking, accounting, treasury, commercial banking require.

Leading financial institutions view CFI classes as investments in their employees. Our program is designed by industry experts and combines best-practices, technical insights, and real-world examples.


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The value of continuing education

CPD and CPE credit hours are a valuable way of ensuring that finance and accounting professionals are keeping themselves current and up to date on their skills.  Whether technical or soft skills, the need for continuing development is clear.  We all benefit if our professional advisors in accounting and finance are will trained and up to speed on the newest information.

It can be too easy to simply earn a designation such as a CPA or CFA and think that the need to develop stops there.  Thankfully, that is not the case, and we are proud to have designed numerous online courses that will help designated professionals stay current and sharpen their skills.


Accredited certificate

Employers recognize that people who take CFI’s CPD online courses are committed to improving their professional competency.  After successfully completing each course we issue an online and PDF certificate for your records and to manage and track your credits.  Additionally, we are able to verify your certification over the phone with an employer if necessary.

CFI is an approved provider of CFA CE credits.



Additional resources

Thank you for reading this guide to CPD online.  To continue learning and advancing as a financial analyst, these resources will be helpful: